Testimonials from clients

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During my 20 years of drawing at various events in Sydney, I have received hundreds of testimonials from clients. Unfortunately, it is not possible to publish all of them here, so here are some!

I’ve divided the testimonials based on 4 types of events: Live Caricatures at High-End Functions, Tradeshows & Conferences, Weddings and Studio-Drawn Photo Caricatures.


“Having Kumar at our event really lightened the atmosphere as people gathered around to compare drawings…a few laughs and taunts always bring a group closer; we now have them hanging in our office for all to view. Kumar was polite and well presented, you really should have him at your next event, you won’t be disappointed!”– KRISTY MURISON

We had a great night thank you, it was brilliant having you guys there as something extra for everyone.” – LIZ MATTHEWS

“Thanks so much for coming at our office party that’s good to hear. Everyone really liked their pictures and had a lot of fun.”- ALANA STRANGE

“Thank you so much for last night. You were pro-active, and you did a great job. Just letting you know that I used your profile in a news release on our website, if that’s not OK please let me know and I can remove it.” – CHARLOTTE PRESTIFILIPPO

“Thanks Kumar – we have had lots of good feedback from the North Sydney Council event. Thanks for being part of it!” – KATIE WARD

“You attended one of our work functions a couple of years ago. I am currently re-decorating the office and wanted to get some cartoon drawings of all the people that work here.” – BEAU WILSON

“Just a HUGE THANK YOU everyone was so happy with you and your work. I really appreciated you staying back that extra 15mins, means the world to me for making my day that extra bit special.” – ANGELINA MANCUSO

“I hired you a couple of years ago for a function and you were great. I would like to hire you again. This time just at work to draw something on the office wall.” – PHIL HACK

“Thank you so much. The evening was fantastic. I know everyone thought you did a great job.” – EMILY KISS

“Thank you for your work. I love the way you have drawn Don it looks great.” – MARK RIPPON

“Wow, caricatures look amazing and so accurate. My manager loves them.” – JAMILE STUCCI

“The drawing of Colin with Oskar looks amazing. Thanks for the job well done!” – MELISSA J BOURKE

“Great thanks so much Kumar I really appreciate it and thanks so much for making our night so special!” – WHITNEY BLACKBURN

“I don’t know if you remember me, but you did some cartoons for our company last year. We have a new employee and was wondering if you could draw up another one for us?” – STACEY NEUMANN

“The caricature looks absolutely wonderful. Thank you for the fun you brought to Trish’s party and all our guests.” – SHANNON

“We appreciate your time and efforts; it was a great night. Everyone loved having you there! Also Thank you kindly for our managing director’s drawing…… I’m sure he will love it!” – COONEY LAUREN

“You did a fantastic job! There were definitely some hiccups that happened like introducing my brother late but it was still a wonderful night.” – HEIDY WILLIAMS

“Last year, you attend our work function at the Harbour View Hotel at The Rock. We wondered if you would be available again this year?”- COURTNEY TEHLIWEC

“It was fun having you at the party. The guests liked your drawings. Attached are the photographs featuring you in action.” – JACQUES HAYTER


“Thank you so much for your outstanding efforts at the Bunnings Spring Launch! All of the team members who had their caricatures drawn were very impressed with what they ended up with. And the ones who were not able to get theirs done can’t wait until next year. We’ll certainly book you in for next year.” – ANGELA CUTHELL

“Thanks for caricature of our Managing Partner. It is fantastic.” – JULIE MANALO

“The thanks go to you; you did an amazing job with live iPad caricatures and added much fun to our cocktail party.” – MELANIE ORR

“Thanks so much for coming last night – everyone loved your iPad caricatures!” – EMMA BRUCE

“Thank you SO much for the fantastic pictures and for getting them to us a day early. Those in the office have surrounded my desk and there have been many ‘OOOOOhhhhhss’ and ‘AAAhhhhhhss’ every time I open a new file. The whole department will soon see your pictures too when we hang them on the wall in our office.” – JULIA HUNT

“You beat me to it! I was about to email you to say thank you very much for such wonderful service over the last two days and true professionalism. We were delighted with how you engaged with our prospects and it really felt like you were on of the Whiteclick team.”- LOUISE WILLIAMS

“Very Impressive Kumar, excellent use of new technology and live digital caricatures!” – PIERRE NICOLAS

“Thank you very much, you are very talented.” – MYRA CRUMP

“Thank you for creating such memorable gifts. Everyone loved them.” – SHANNON PRICE

“Kumar, The caricatures you drew at the ARMS2011 Conference were a huge hit. You really helped to make it a fun night! We appreciated your skill & professionalism” – GRAHAME PEARSON

And thanks to you to Kumar, you did a great job drawing caricatures of delegates at Gartner IODC Conference. Best Wishes.” – PENNY HAMMOND

“Thank you also for producing the wonderful digital image for my invitation at such short notice. Kumar, I would highly recommend you to anyone – very professional, very pleasant and very talented.” – JANE WESTMACOTT

“Thanks a lot for those caricatures, they look great! They were a great success at the conference.” – ANGIE FLYNN

“I’d like to thank you for your excellent service on behalf of my company. The guests did enjoy your work very much.-“ – VIVIAN TRAN

Thanks again for your great caricature of our retired boss, Andrew. He loved it!” – GERARD HUNTER

“Thank you for digital caricatures of eight of our staff members! Great work :)” – NATALIA BROWN

“Perfect Kumar – you are a star.” – MELINDA


“Thank you so much for your amazing work at our wedding. Everyone was commenting how great you were. I wanted to come over to say hi and keep getting interrupted throughout the night.” – NITA AND ANDREJ

Thank you for being a part of our wedding!! Everyone has spoken about their caricature drawings and what an amazing addition to the night you were.” – CARISSA LAWRIE

“Thank you very much for Natascha and Shaun wedding caricature and to make it possible even on such short notice. If ever I get an opportunity to recommend you, I certainly will.” – ERHARD LENZ

Thank you for coming along to our wedding! Everyone absolutely loved their caricatures! All the best.” – ALEX AND KATHERINE

“Excellent, thank you for coming to our 50th anniversary, the drawing is fantastic!!!” – EMMA BURKE

“Thanks very much Kumar it was lovely to have you. Thank you for a great job at wedding.” – LARNA WATKINS

“Thank you for the caricature, you’ve done a great job. We are very happy about the way I look (Michelle, blonde), so thank you for that!” – MICHELLE AND SANDRA

“We’d like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for the wonderful contribution you made to our wedding reception. We had so many fantastic comments. I thank you for helping make our evening one of the most memorable ever.” – MELINDA AND NOLAN

“Thank you for the drawing. It is really good. – EMMA CAMILLERI

“The success of a wedding reception is measured by several things, but ultimately rests with the entertainment and we could not have asked for a better entertainer than you.”- LAUREL FEILER

“Thanks so much! We really appreciate the special touch you gave to our wedding. Our guests really loved it! We also love the caricature you did for us and can’t wait to put it up. We will certainly recommend you to other people.”- SONIA & ALASTAIR

“Thank you very much for the fantastic wedding caricature. We love it!” – LIZ & LEIGH

“Thank you so much. Our digital wedding caricature is just awesome, we love it.” – SIMONE GEARMAN

“That’s incredible !!!! Thankyou very much for wedding caricature.” – GEORGE AND LYDIA

“Wasn’t it a fun party! The feedback from my guests has been great, and the staff and other customers of the Hotel loved you and thought it was a fabulous idea having a Caricaturist at a party.” – MARY FAIRLIE-CUNINGHAME

“The success of a wedding reception is measured by several things, but ultimately rests with the entertainment and we could not have asked for a better entertainer than you.” – ELENI JORDAN

“Many thanks for the caricature of Christine & myself. It’s very good.”- AMIT BANERJI

“Thankyou for the great job you did at my 60th birthday party. It was a pleasure to have you there and I know everyone got a real buzz out of having their caricatures done. They were excellent, were a great talking point and provided an amusing memento of the occasion.” – TEGAN BOULAMATISI


“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing caricatures you did – they were a huge success and I already have a request for 3 more caricatures to be drawn – I am just working on getting recent photos for you.” – JUSTINE RITCHIE

“Thank you, Darren’s farewell caricature looks great. The event is on Friday and the man himself will be present so are you happy for us to supply you a picture of him holding the caricature?” – VERONICA LEE

“Your farewell caricature of Chris looks great! Thanks Kumar !”-ROB LAWRENSON

“Thanks, Kumar, for retirement caricature – it looks great! My boss is very happy!” – GENIA MELNYK

“That is the greatest thing I have ever seen and now thanks to you, I have Lee’s Christmas present!!! You are amazing and if you ever have time, I want one of me (I have no pride in asking I know!!!!). That would be the best Facebook Profile picture of all time! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!” – FIONA

“You are wonderful, and I am kicking myself for not arranging your studio caricatures for a gift for our management team – they would have been way cooler than a Christmas hamper.” –WAYNE

“Would like to use the birthday caricature as part of the invitation, would you please draw Aston sitting on a vespa bike, as discussed with one hand on the bike and the other hand holding a pizza.”- NATASHA AND STEPHEN ROSE

“Kumar, that’s fantastic!! So lifelike – thank you!” – CLAIRE CASSIDY

“You are amazing!! The caricatures are just amazing, and I know that I will have more work for you in the new year!!!! These really are the perfect gifts to give people that have everything!!!” – PAUL

“Team caricatures from photo are fantastic – we love them and will share them with the team shortly. It’s hard to single out a favorites – they are all great.” – BIANCA BARRETT

“Thanks for sending the caricatures through – they are fantastic.”- NICKY DARNELL

“Thanks for helping us out on this event and everyone was happy with their caricatures. Looking forward to working with you again for future projects.”- MELISSA YAN

“Thanks again for all your help. Everyone had a fantastic night.” – KRISTI SATTLECKER

“Thanks Kumar! It looks great. We are really happy with the quality, the colour and the design of group caricature of 25 staff members.” – ALISON LEVY

“Thanks for your email. You did a fantastic job! There were definitely some hiccups that happened like introducing my brother late, but it was still a wonderful night.” – HEIDI WILLIAMS

“Thank you for our Superhero artwork, I think it is wonderful & funny!!!!” – STACIE

“Thanks Kumar, that’s great!! Much appreciate the effort.” – SANDRA DEASY

“Wow they are amazing! Thank you so much.” – SHERRI SAUNDERS

“Thanks Kumar, you did a great job.” – JENNIFER DEVI

“Thank you so much for all your hard work on Aston’s birthday, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. A lot of the children were intrigued as they watched you intensely, complete their portraits.” – ASTON, NATASHA AND STEPHEN.