• Each speed caricature takes about 3 minutes* to finish.
  • Caricatures are drawn on A3 size, heavy papers.
  • These caricatures are from head to shoulder, singles and in black and white.
  • The finished caricatures are rolled, secured with rubber bands, and handed to guests.
  • Artist is entitled to make video to record his work.
  • All artwork is produced for non-commercial use.

Requirement during event:

1 small table and 2 chairs to be supplied by client/venue.

Please note:

*The speed doesn’t include some transition time between guests…i.e. the time it takes for one person to leave and the other to be ready to be drawn. Also the variables that can reduce the above speed are speeches, people eating non-constant flow of guests.

For corporate clients, it is recommended to personalize all drawings with your company logo and date as each drawing is a “walking/hanging” advertisement. The A3 pre-printed template can be supplied for your event at small fee.