Trade Show Caricatures

Being an exhibitor can be one of the most important moves your business makes. However, a trade show typically contains rows upon rows of booths, all vying for potential customers. To stand out and maximize your booth traffic, you need to deploy effective strategies.

While many exhibitors give away candy and pens, consider offering personalized caricatures as freebies. Caricatures are unique, cherished, and often shared. With your logo on each one, you can ensure your company will be remembered long after the event.

As attendees have their caricatures drawn, they’ll need to look at me for just one minute. After that, they’re all yours! Your staff can then engage them in conversation. Additionally, you can interact with attendees while they wait in line, creating even more opportunities for meaningful connections.

Last year, I assisted several companies at trade shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. My live caricature performances significantly increased booth traffic, enhanced brand visibility, and generated more leads.

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