Live Digital Caricatures in 3 minutes

Ideal for Trade Show and Conferences.

Digital Caricatures are terrific marketing tool. They can attract a big crowd. While the attendees are in a queue to get drawn your team can discreetly start a conversation with your potential clients.

Many companies are finding that digital caricatures are also great freebies. They could be drawn on an iPad Pro with your business logo. Since most of attendees share these caricatures on social media, it is a permanent advertisement for your business. 

Requirement: This avail ‘Speed iPad Pro Digital Offer’, the minimum booking duration need to be at least 6 hours. because I need to  come an hour early to venue to setup and test my TV. The time taken for setup and testing TV is not charged to you.

Please Note: The time to air-drop the caricature on phone of delegate and transition time between delegates  i.e. the time it takes for one to leave and the other to be ready to be drawn, are not included.

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