Booth Entertainment - Caricatures

With Wacom caricatures, Kumar offer on-site printing and a 30" LCD screen! This entertainment is wonderful for tradeshows, conventions, and corporate events. Wow your guests with art, humor and high-tech dazzle !

There are few advantages of drawing directly into the computer
1   The drawing unfolds as it is projected on a larger flat screen LCD monitor. This allows the caricatures to be seen from across the room.
2  The caricature will be in full color
3  Each caricature will be printed on a fast and high quality, color photo printer in a convenient glossy 4x6 size. The size making it way easier for your guest to carry the caricature around with them for the rest of the event, allowing them to show off their caricature to other guests.
4  The caricature can be printed with your company logo, with the name and date of the event.

How to hire

Email Kumar to check the availability for your date and to get a quote.If he is available and his quote is accepted then he shall send you an email with his confirmation. He may ask for advance deposit to hold the date. Typically it is $ 150/. If you get his confirmation then you are assured of his presence at your event unless there is any medical emergency. In the event of any medical emergency he shall return your deposit.

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