FAQ for Live Digital Caricatures

Q: Why digital caricatures?
A: I am trained as traditional caricaturist and quickly lose interest if I see any art being drawn too digital. Fortunately things have now changed. With latest technology available , we can now draw on tablets and iPad as smoothly as drawing with freehand on a paper. The best thing with iPad or tablet is that we do not loose freedom and spontaneity of our line–work and can produce a high quality work which could not only adapt to print but also to web and animation.
Q: Should I choose digital media or hand drawn?
A: Whatever style you choose - your guests will take home a unique take–home souvenir.

Digital Caricatures

Hand–drawn Caricatures

Digital caricatures are next generation in art entertainment and a novelty in Australia. There are good chance that most of attendees in the trade-shows will claim that they have never seeing anything like this before!

They are ideal for technology-oriented events especially Trade Shows where the idea is to engage and promote a product or service.

Hand–drawn caricatures are traditional pen-on paper entertainment.

One bonus with the digital method is that the iPad or laptop can be connected to a large HD flat panel display screen enabling guests to see the making of each caricature.

Limited number of people (either waiting in the queue or around caricaturist) can watch the process of making of a caricature.

The visibility of your logo is high. While drawing caricature your logo is prominent at every step of the process. The waiting crowd watches each stroke of caricaturist with a full view of your logo on large screen. Your logo also appear when the caricature is finally printed.

The visibility of your logo is limited.

iPad caricatures are as quick as hand-drawn caricatures. They have advantage of adding quick colour and computer effects over hand-drawn caricatures.
Wacom caricatures are powered by Photoshop software and pressure sensitive stylus pen but they take bit more time to finish due to technical limitations.

Hand–draw caricatures are faster to draw, roving is possible and guest gets an original drawing to take home. They are wonderful for wedding and private parties.

Organiser gets a DVD with soft copies of all the caricatures drawn at the event.

Organiser do not get any caricature.

Q: Can our logo appear somewhere on the digital drawing?
A: Yes, your company logo as well as any special message you want can be placed on the caricature free of charge. Just e-mail me the logo or graphics three weeks before the event and I shall send you a template sample for your approval.
Q: Can custom backgrounds be created for digital caricatures?
A: Yes, for an additional fee, I can create a custom body/background which will appear in all the caricatures. Please note: At least four week's advance notice is required for custom body/background option.
Q: Do you keep a copy of the drawing in your system and is it linked to the attendee’s name, email address, etc? If so, can we get a copy of each drawing at the end of the event?
A: Yes,while attendees are waiting in a queue I can ask them to fill a small form.In the form they are requested to write information about themselves like their name,email address,company,designation etc.After the event, I can transfer these details to an Excel Spreadsheet and burn this information along with all the digital caricature drawn at your event into a DVD.Later I shall post the DVD to you by an express post.
Q: Is the digital drawing downloaded onto a USB Memory Stick for the subject? If so, can we have other data and/or a video already on the Stick? (We can have branded memory sticks).
A: Yes, the digital caricature drawn at your event can be downloaded onto a USB memory stick along with any promotional data and/or video which you may like to pass to the attendees. You can also have the memory sticks branded with the name of your company.

Please note: If you go for iPad option, then I can email the caricature to a laptop kept at the booth. A team member may be required to download the caricature from laptop in to the USB memory stick.

Q: Do you have a large screen facing the waiting crowd that can show the drawing as it is done. Is this large screen available?
A: Yes, I've two screens available free of charge.One is a 30 inch Apple HD Cinema Display.I have placed this screeen on a 7 foot high vertical stand in a portrait mode. This display looks quite impressive and has 'Wow' factor. This set up is quite heavy and too big for my car. That's why I offer this set up for free only if booking is for a day minimum. My other screen is a 24" Samsung monitor in a portrait mode. This screen is easy to handle and readily available for free. If you have a big LCDs or plasmas screen or can rent one then I shall be happy to work with it too.
Q: Should I choose Wacom digital caricatures or iPad digital caricatures for my guests ?
A: Whatever style you choose – they both have high entertainment value.

iPad (third generation) Caricatures

Wacom tablet Caricatures

Takes about 5 minutes to draw per subject.
(transition time* not included)

Takes about 8–10 minutes to draw per subject.
(transition time* not included)

Less space required and suitable for small booth. With this setup only two chairs are required.

It requires a table & 2 chairs. It's good if have lot of space at your booth.

Pricewise it is affordable.

Pricewise it is expensive.

Please note: Whether you choose Wacom, iPad or hand-drawn caricatures, I shall need about two minutes of attention of each subject. After that I'm busy in colouring and finishing the caricatures and subject is all yours for sales talk.

Q: If the subject wants the drawing printed straight away, can we print on A3 or does it need to be on A4? If A4 only, perhaps we could offer to laminate it for the subject – I have a laminator – Just a thought.
A: iPad or Wacom caricatures can be printed straight away. Each caricature takes about one minuteto print. These colour caricatures are printed on a photo paper(not photocopy paper).The size is 4x6 inch.The quality of printing is like a photograph.These 4x6”prints can be worn in a badge holder,slipped into a frame or tucked away in a purse or pocket. With badge holder and clipsadded, you can watch your clients wearing their caricatures around the venue, walking with your company name and logo.
Q: What happens on the day of event.
A: On the day of event, I reach atleast an hour early at venue and setup the equipments. I draw your guests on my custom designed tripod-mounted easel which is connected to LED display screen. This screen is mounted in a portrait mode, displaying every stroke of the stylus. It gives waiting crowd and onlookers an intimate inside view of the artistic process.
Q: How long does each drawing take?
A: On average, iPad caricature takes about 5 minutes per subject. The Wacom tablet caricatures take about 8-10 minutes per subject. They both are head and shoulder drawings in full colour.
How long does it take to set up?
A: For iPad or Wacom caricatures allows atleast 1 hour for setup. This time is not charged to you.
What do we have to provide you?
A: I come with all the technology – computer, printer, monitor etc.All I requires from you is two chairs, small table (in case of Wacom only) and electricity.
What does your setup include?

iPad Caricatures Setup

Wacom Caricatures Setup

Couple of iPads with graphic softwares, stylus pens

Wacom 12WX drawing tablet, stylus pen, Apple laptop with graphic softwares

Display unit: 30 inch Apple display mounted in portrait mode on a 7 foot stand.
Display unit: 30 inch Samsung display mounted in portrait mode.

Display unit: 30 inch Apple display mounted in portrait mode on a 7 foot stand.

Fast colour printer (optional)

Fast colour printer

4x6" glossy photo paper and inks (optional)

4x6" glossy photo paper and inks

All cables and connections

All cables and connections

Please note: If you have a big LCDs or plasmas screen or can rent one then I'm happy to work with it.

Q: What does my guest get?
1  High entertainment value for attendees to your booth as well as by passers.
2  Your guests gets a soft copy of the caricature. This caricature is emailed to them on–the–spot.Since the caricatures is in soft copy, your guests can always print it bigger if they desire later.
3  Your guests gets a photo print (6 x 4 inch) of the caricature. This is optional.

Q: What does the organiser get?
A: The organiser gets a CD with images of all the caricatures drawn at your event. The CD would also have a list of names and email addresses of each guest whose caricature is drawn.
Q: What can my guest do with a digital caricature?
A: The great thing about a digital caricature is its versatility. They can be printed to any size, hang in your living room or use it on web-sites,as screen for your phone or PC,on Facebook, blogs, business cards,wedding invitations, t-shirts, coffee mugs...the sky's the limit.
Q: What is your approach to caricatures.
A: My caricatures are never insulting or offensive to your guests. I try my best to blend talent, experience and technology to produce a memorable experience for guests.
Q: Can I ask for specific guests to be drawn first?
A: Yes, please mention this to me on the day.
Q: What do you think of drawing live digital caricature as work?
A: Work is demanding. At present there are only couple of caricaturists in Sydney who draw live digital caricatures. The number may pick up in future. It takes determination and lots of practice to developed the technical skills involved with drawing live digital caricatures.
Q: How do I hire you for my event?
A: Email me to check the availability for your date and to get a quote. If I am available and my quote is accepted then I shall email you my confirmation. If you get my confirmation then you are assured of my presence at your event. Typically I ask for $ 150/ advance deposit to hold the date.

Once committed to your event, I turn down requests from other clients for the same time and date. I generally accept payment either before or on the day of event.
In case of unforseenable circumstances, if I am not able to attend your event then I shall return your initial deposit.