Retirement Caricatures

A Sample of free digital caricatureRetirement, going away and employee appriciation is a major event in someone's life. To be acknowledged by boss, colleagues or staff can have a profound effect on a person's memory of their time spent with you.

It's perfect gift for someone special! They'll be reminded of your generosity every time they look at it.

The caricature is first hand drawn then digitally coloured and enhanced before being delivered to your email box in .JPG format. It is a high resolution image and fit to print from small to large size. Lot of my corporate clients use digital caricature as...staff awards, team mementos, corporate gifts, retirement and farewell gifts.

Ideas: How to Use Digital Caricature
The digital caricature gives lot more flexibility to use which no other form of medium can give. It could be used as follows..
  Print on paper or canvas, frame and gift it.
  Print to large size personalised 'Welcome Sign' for party.
  A memorable ’sign in’ board for all staff members to sign around and then gift to subject.
A Sample of free digital caricature  As decoration for party place. It spice up your celebration.
  A poster on wall, large image projected on screen etc.
  Artwork for Invitation cards, Greeting or Christmas Card
  Use by subject as online profile picture on Facebook, Myspace, Google plus, Twitter, Forum or Blog.
  As a logo under signature on emails, on website, on newsletters, e-card. business cards etc.
  It is an ideal retirement/farewell and an achievement award.
  Print on T-shirt
  Print on mug
  As screen on your PC or mobile phone.....options are endless.


Digital caricature for one person with basic background
$ 198/ onwards


Retirement Caricatures Retirement Caricatures Retirement Caricatures
Retirement Caricatures Retirement Caricatures Retirement Caricatures