Meet the artist, Kumar

Kumar is an experienced, award-winning caricature artist whose quality drawing work can leave you with lasting memories.

 Kumar is an award winning caricature artist. He is recipient of the prestigious British Chevening Scholarship and INLAKS Foundation award in cartooning and caricatures.

Testimonial from Punch

 In a span of 24 years, Kumar has drawn more than 50,000 caricatures and cartoons.

 Kumar has formal training in cartooning at The Saint Martin’s School of Art, University of Art, London.

 Kumar has his work published in more than 35 international publications including The Sydney Morning Herald and London’s Punch magazine.

 In 1992, Kumar used to draw hand-drawn caricatures sitting at the Piccadilly Circus, London. Link to Kumar’s hand-drawn caricature website.

Kumar’s 56 sketches on London were exhibited by the British Council Division as his solo exhibition at various cities in the world. Kumar’s on-the-spot sketches on Singapore has been compiled in a book called ‘Kumar’s Singapore’.

 Kumar is the only Australian caricature artist to be invited by Singapore and South Korea’s Government as a State Guest.


Some of Kumar major clients include The Cartoon Network Channel, American Express, Telstra, Vodafone, Pfizer, Dulux Australia, Wests Tigers and FitnessFirst. Many of his clients request his services to draw at their events year after year.

Kumar’s weekend dates can fill up months in advance. Please book early to avoid disappointment.