iPad Caricature - Trade Shows

iPad Caricatures are fully coloured, has WOW factor and are totally next generation entertainment. They are ideal for corporate Trade Shows, technology-oriented functions or high end corporate events where the idea is to engage and promote a product or service.

Great Gifts

iPad caricatures makes great gifts. They differentiate your booth from neighbouring stands giving out bags, brochures and other 'collectibles' that inevitably get thrown away post conference. But iPad caricatures last for ever as they are unique and highly personalised.

Kumar's iPad caricatures show is tailored to help promote and market your business. It magnetically draw visitors to your booth. Sometimes even competitor's line up to get their caricature drawn. It creates an atmosphere where your sales people can easily start a conversation with delegates.

Photo on left: The caricatures on the wall are of Sales team present at the booth. They are part of interior of booth. The TV installed on wall is connected to Kumar's ipad and displays each live iPad caricature stroke by stroke.

Photo on right: The free standing LCD display screen is a 30" Apple monitor in a portrait mode. Its is currently showing a finished iPad caricature of a attendee.

It is a good value for your money as iPad caricatues are on special and costs same as hand-drawn caricatures. At the end of show, organiser get a copy of each ipad caricature drawn.

Creating iPad caricatures is similar to drawing hand drawn pen-ink caricatures except that the drawing medium is touch screen. Drawing on iPad gives many other added benefits. Delegates can gather in larger numbers to watch the caricature being created on the artist's large external LED monitor. Also iPad caricatures look a lot more impressive and hi-tech as compared to pen-ink caricatures.

Photo on left: Live iPad caricature in a roadshow at Hotel Sofitel Sydney Wentworth. When an iPad caricature unfold on a large TV, the entertainment is for everybody not just for those who get a drawing.

Photo on right: Live iPad caricature at a booth at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre (SCEC).

During the event, the whole process is projected on a large 24" LCD monitor or 30" LCD monitor (portrait mode) allowing delegates to watch the creation of each caricature. The finished caricatures are then emailed to subjects.

The gifted iPad caricature can be used by delegates as avatar on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, making a great addition to social networking profiles. Infact, Twitter and Facebook generates lot of business for Kumar. The caricatures can also be printed and framed, printed on T–shirts, mugs, calendars, mobile phones, desktop screens, letter heads, newsletters...sky is the limit !


 Studio drawn digital caricatures

Click on thumbnails to enlarge - Live iPad Caricatures at Trade Shows

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