Conference Entertainment- Wacom Caricatures

Display Screen

30 inch Apple HD Cinema display Screen

This screen has “WOW” factor – Kumar has custom designed this set up as an impressive floor display. A 30 inch Apple HD cinema display flat panel screen is placed on a 7 foot high vertical stand in a portrait mode to generate maximum impact on waiting crowd. As this setup is quite big and heavy,it is offered free of charge if you have booking with us for a day minimum.

Printing of caricature

Wacom caricatures can be emailed to a laptop kept at booth and then printed straight away. They are printed at convenient size of 4×6 inch on a photo paper. These prints can be worn in a badge holder, slipped into a frame or tucked away in a purse or pocket. With badge holder or lanyards, you can watch your clients wearing their caricatures around the venue, walking with your company name and logo

Branded memory sticks

The digital caricature drawn at your booth can also be downloaded onto a USB memory stick along with any promotional data and/or video which you may like to pass to the attendees. You can also have the memory sticks branded with the name of your company.

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  • Trade Show cartoonist
  • Trade Show cartoonist
  • Trade Show cartoonist three
  • Trade Show cartoonist four
  • Trade Show cartoonist five
  • Trade Show cartoonist six
  • Trade Show entertainment seven
  • Trade Show entertainment eight
  • Trade Show entertainment nine
  • Trade Show entertainment ten
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